Dr. Oz: Can the Color of Your Personality Reveal Your Health Issues?


Dr. Oz: What Color is Your Personality?

Dr. Oz talked about the colors of the personality. It turns out that your personality color could be either red, yellow, orange, or green. To help find your personality color, Dr. Oz talked to Dr. Carol Ritberger, who said that color is often applied to behavior, such as “green with envy” or “red with anger.” You will be shocked by your results of Dr. Oz’s Personality Color Quiz on the next page…



  1. says

    When will Carol Ritberger be on your show? I was very very disappointed to see the mass on instead of your interview with Dr. Ritberger. I am also unable to see it on you tube!
    I really enjoy your show and have learned so much. Thank you,Dr Oz
    Tina Bonaventura

  2. Brittany says

    Here’s my dilemma: I found your website after looking for a better explanation other than the answer playbuzz gave me, on the orange personality, that we are susceptible to stomach problems.
    I am in college, hoping to go into the medical field. I have one last attempt at APHY 101, but passed 102. In 102 we learned what our blood type most likely was, because we pricked our finger, had a thing to dip into our blood, and rub around on a card to determine our blood type. My result: I was most likely one of the 7% in the U.S to have the universal donor blood type- O-. Not many days later (2/10/15), at another campus of Ivy Tech, the Red Cross had set up a station to donate blood. I decided, since I was most likely the universal donor to try it, and though they didn’t tell me while I was there what type I am, they eventually sent mail confirming that I am an O-, with the fact that only 7% of the U.S have my type. Also, according to some sites it is susceptible to stomach problems.

    I’m starting to wonder if the 2 are linked, or if I just happen to have both.

  3. Steve says

    Dear Brittany,
    The two are NOT linked, so stop worrying about it. With all that worrying, you’re just exacerbating your lower intestinal issues!
    Another ORANGE with stomach problems but I don’t have Type O- blood.

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