Dr. Oz: How Can Epsom Salt Baths Benefit Us and Help Get Rid of Pain?


Dr. Oz: Epsom Salt Bath

Dr. Oz talked on his show about the importance of Epsom salt baths, which can help get rid of toxins, pain, and stress. Dr. Oz welcomed integrative physician Dr. Tasneem Bhatia to talk about it. She said that Epsom salts are a compound of magnesium sulfate. They provide magnesium to the body, which is important because magnesium is the number 1 important mineral in the body, regulating almost 300 different processes in the body. But almost 80 percent of Americans are deficient in magnesium.

Dr. Oz: How Do Epsom Salt Baths Help Us?

Dr. Oz: How Can Epsom Salt Baths Benefit Us and Help Get Rid of Pain?

Dr. Oz talked about Epsom salt baths and how they can help get rid of pain, stress, and toxins.



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    This is a Dr. Oz fan site featuring resources and information based on his talk show. We are not affiliated with Dr. Oz or the show. We try to share products that meet the guidelines mentioned on the show. In this case, Dr. Teal’s Lavender Epsom Salts was a sponsor who paid to be promoted on Dr. Oz’s show.

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