Dr. Oz: What Causes Migraines? 3 Ways To Get Ginger Into Your Diet


Dr. Oz: Migraine Headaches

Dr. Oz called down an Assistant of the Day on his show to help him out to talk about migraine headaches. Her name was Emily and she came with a lot of her bridesmaids, who all cheered for her really loudly.

Dr. Oz: What Causes Migraines? 3 Ways To Get Ginger Into Your Diet

Dr. Oz talked about ways to get rid of migraines and what causes them in the first place. (Piotr Marcinski / Shutterstock.com)



  1. Mary Hackworth says

    I began migraines after my dad’s funeral. I had never had a migraine and went to our doctor and described about my right eye hurting and seeing light spots. He tried several different medications but nothing worked and at that time I was on the shots and last was Amerge which does help.

    The cardiologist put me on Catria for PVC and the med stopped my migraines after ONE pill. During Christmas this year we drove to KY from NC and for the entire time I was in bed with one migraine after another. Now I have some ginger root and hopefully this will help.

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