Dr Oz: Clay Aiken Gay Coming Out & Ex-Gay Reparative Therapy Debate


Dr Oz: American Idol Clay Aiken Gay

Dr Oz has been talking about whether you can pray the gay away by using controversial reparative therapy to go from gay to straight. His next guest in the debate is former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken.

Clay Aiken became a music superstar but tried to keep his personal life a secret. He thought he needed to wait for his sexual attraction to women to appear, but it never did. He came out to himself at age 24 and to his friends and family at age 26.

Dr Oz: Clay Aiken Gay Coming Out

Finally, at age 30, he came out to the world on the cover of People. He has a young child and is happy with his life, and he says that coming out and accepting his sexual orientation made a difference.


  1. Cat Willows says

    Tried to watch this episode (Fox 5 on DirecTv) but halfway through the sound went bad, there was static and overlapped conversations. It didn’t get better until the show was close to ending. I felt cheated that I could not watch this episode because of that.


    Here we go. Is the only way to keep your show up there, is to become our Medical Jerry Springer? So disappointed in Dr. Oz. This show was an ugly mess. Your special friends so ugly and without a shred of respect for others there. Clay Akien lacks respect for anyone not in total argreement with his thoughts and yet expects others to show him respect? Please say this is not going to be a repected doctor doing that show biz turn. Many have already seen this side and tuned you out. You were at one time doing a good thing for us. Now is just sad to watch how desparate you are to put on “a show.”

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