Dr. Oz: Coconut Oil Pulling, Shining Shoes & $10 Cleaning Putty


Dr. Oz: Coconut Oil Pulling

Dr. Oz: Coconut Oil Pulling, Shining Shoes & $10 Cleaning Putty

Dr. Oz shared things we can buy for just $10, including coconut oil for cleaning shoes. (vegan-baking / flickr)

Dr. Oz shared some great products you can buy for yourself for under $10. First up was a jar of coconut oil, which can be used a number of ways. Dr. Oz viewer Erin uses coconut oil to whiten her teeth, doing something called oil pulling. All she does is take a big heaping teaspoon of coconut oil and put in your mouth. Rub it around in your mouth and then spit. This will eliminate the bacteria and the plaque from the teeth. Do this twice a week and after about two weeks, you’ll see much whiter teeth. You don’t have to heat it up first, because the coconut oil will liquefy in your mouth almost instantly. Erin has been doing this for about two years and she’s seen a big improvement.

Dr. Oz: Coconut Oil to Shine Shoes

You can also use coconut oil to shine your 100 percent leather shoes. This was Marissa’s idea and she said all you need to do is dip your rag in coconut oil and rub it right on the boot. She demonstrated it on the show and it was remarkable how quickly and how well it worked.

Dr. Oz: Cleaning Putty

You can also spend your $10 on cleaning putty. Dr. Oz showed how he used it on everything from television remotes to shoes to kitchen counters. He even used it on his dog! It seemed to work pretty great. All you have to do to use it is press down on the surface to be cleaned. All you have to do then is rinse it off.

Dr. Oz: $10 Back Pain Remedy

Next, there’s foam back rollers, which you can buy for just under $10. Physical therapist Peggy Brill said this product is perfect for people with sore backs or knees. All you have to do is press it between you and the floor and roll it up and down your back, or rest on your side and roll it up and down on your hip.


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