Dr. Oz: Connective Tissue Issues Can Cause Extreme Back Pain


Dr. Oz: Extreme Back Pain

Dr. Oz talked to Stephanie, a 32-year-old woman who suffers from back pain. She’s a biology teacher who feels like she should know a good solution for her problem. She lives on the fifth floor of her apartment building and walking up with groceries or carrying her 2-year-old child adds to the pain.

She’s tried stretching exercises, uses a firm pillow everywhere, and even tried sleeping with heating pads. She doesn’t go out a lot because she worries walking around will hurt her back. She also worries that she isn’t able to play with her child the way she wants.

Dr. Oz: Is Her Back Pain Caused By Structural Damage?

Dr. Oz: Connective Tissue Issues Can Cause Extreme Back Pain

Dr. Oz talked to a mom who suffers from back pain and introduced her to expert Sue Hitzmann, who believed the problem was connective tissue. (olibac / flickr)



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    i had back pain for to many years to count. It finally went away other than when doing dishes or a lot of cleaning. This sounded to be the perfect fix and made so much sense. I tried it and have been in severe back pain every since. I so regret trying this.

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