Dr Oz: Cranial Sacral Therapy & Facial Clues of Infertility Issues

By on February 26, 2014

Dr Oz: What Your Face Reveals About Your Health

Dr. Mao Ni says the face is a map to our body because it can reveal clues about our health, including how the cheeks and chin can show signs of diseases you might not even know you have. Dr. Ni is a Chinese Medicine Doctor who tells Dr. Oz that face mapping goes back thousands of years to a time before we had sophisticated medical tests to diagnose illness and disease. He shared how various parts of the face can reveal the truth about your health.

  • The chin has a lot to do with your reproductive and hormonal health, so discoloration or redness could be a sign of excess estrogen or kidney weakness, especially for women.
  • The right cheek corresponds to your lungs and respiratory system, as well as your intestines, so Dr. Mao Ni says you might see redness in the cheek if you are suffering from allergies or prone to asthma attacks. Avoid dairy, gluten, and sugar while increasing your intake of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli to reduce the redness and improve your health.
  • The left cheek is connected with your liver, so if you have a yellowish hue or visible capillaries then you might have a liver imbalance such as gallstones.
  • The dimple above your lips often shows signs of reproductive health issues, so if you have horizontal lines or dryness in that dimple area it could indicate infertility issues.

Dr Oz: Cranial Sacral Therapy for Stress Relief

Dr Oz: Cranial Sacral Therapy & Facial Clues of Infertility Issues

Dr Oz says cranial sacral therapy is a massage treatment that eases stress and the best part is that you can do it right at home!

Would you believe that a simple touch has the power to ease your stress? Massage Therapist Michelle Ebbin says you can literally rub the stress right out of your head with cranial sacral therapy, which is a non-invasive and gentle treatment that creates subtle shifts in the bones of the head, neck, and spine. The focus is to apply pressure to different areas of the head, which allows the body to deeply relax and heal itself.

Michelle explains that there is never direct pressure on the brain, but instead the focus is on the cranial sacral system. Here’s a 3-step Cranial Sacral Program you can try right at home to relieve your stress:

  1. Place 3 fingers on ridge of skull and apply light pressure as you tilt your head forward and backward.
  2. Place the fingertips of both hands on the top center part of your head. Apply light pressure, starting with pinkie and move to the thumb. Do this for 3-5 seconds, three times.
  3. Lay on the floor and place two tennis balls at the base of your spine under the sacrum. Gently rock back and forth while relaxing your body completely. You can also place the tennis balls under the base of your skull to help relax your neck.

Dr Oz: Exercise Motivation

If you cannot seem to get motivation to exercise, Dr. Oz shared a few videos to help inspire you.

  • A guinea pig walking on a treadmill.
  • A walrus doing push-ups.
  • A sloth stretching on a jungle gym.
  • A dog practicing good balance on a surfboard.

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