Dr. Oz: De-Clutter Home for Better Health & How to Clean Your Closet


Dr. Oz: Clutter Causes Bad Health

Dr. Oz talked on his show today about how clutter in the home can cause stress. This stress can build up and cause weight gain, anxiety, headaches, high blood pressure, fatigue, and other issues.

Dr. Oz showed a picture of a messy closet from a woman in the audience named Carol. Dr. Oz said that clutter can really affect the mindset. Carol said it definitely stresses her out.

Dr. Oz: Does Clutter Affect Our Well Being?

So Dr. Oz introduced Carol to professional organizer Peter Walsh, who had a plan to de-clutter your house and de-stress your life. He said that when we talk about clutter in our homes, we use language like “I felt suffocated.This shows us that physical clutter does have an effect on our emotional and physical well-being.

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