Dr Oz: Deviated Septum Signs & How to Breathe Better When You Sleep


Dr Oz: What is a Deviated Septum?

Are you familiar with that pink area in your nose known as your septum? Dr. Oz says many people actually have a deviated septum and one of them could be you. Here is a self-test to see if you do.

Dr Oz: Deviated Septum Signs & How to Breathe Better When You Sleep

Dr Oz says frequent sinus infections and loud snoring are signs you could have a deviated septum, which can easily be fixed by your doctor!

  • Place your index finger on one side of your nose and take a deep breath in on the side that is open.
  • Do the same thing on the other side.

Dr. Oz says if you have a more difficult time breathing in on one side than the other then you have a deviated septum. You could have either been born with it or gotten it due to a sports injury, like Dr. Oz. He chose his Assistant of the Day from the audience to help explain if you could be at risk for a deviated septum.

Dr Oz: Snoring Sign of Deviated Septum?

Dr. Oz went through some of the warning signs you might be at risk for a deviated septum. Do any of these signs sound familiar?

  • Frequent sinus infections
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Loud snoring

Dr. Oz says you should not ignore these signs because you could have an easily fixed medical issue if, in fact, you have a deviated septum, so see your doctor and get it fixed!

Dr Oz: How to Breath Better With a Deviated Septum

Dr. Oz says to sleep on the side of your face with the nostril that gives you trouble when you breathe in doing his self-test from above because it will free up space for you to breathe better while you sleep with a deviated septum.

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