Dr Oz: Diabetes + Half Circle Roll Exercise for Cervical Spondylosis


Dr Oz: Numbness & Tingling Symptoms

Have you ever had problems with numbness or tingling? Maybe you fell asleep in an awkward position or sat with your legs underneath you and then couldn’t feel your foot when you got up to walk. But how do you know when numbness and tingling are signs of more serious problems, like Diabetic Neuropathy or Cervical Spondylosis?

Dr Oz: Cold Blocks Nerve Communication To the Brain

We have nerves that run all through our bodies, and they are what send messages to the brain telling us what we are feeling. Have you ever tried applying ice to an injury? It can block the pain signals to the brain temporarily by cutting off communication from the affected nerves.


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    I already have Cervical Spondylosis; What can I do for relief from the stiffness in the back neck area, the head, and the dizziness?

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