Dr Oz: Drinking Warm Tap Water Ages You & Texting Causes Hunchback


Dr Oz: Warm Water Contains High Levels of Lead

Dr. Oz says that we all make mistakes every now and then, but what if there are mistakes you are making every day that actually age you and take years off your life? Dr. Oz has a few of them to share with you along with ways you can erase the mistakes slow down your aging process. Find out how drinking warm tap water and other common mistakes are aging you.

Dr Oz: The Mistakes That Age You – Drinking Warm Tap Water

Dr Oz: Drinking Warm Tap Water Ages You & Texting Causes Hunchback

Dr. Oz says that it is important to drink cold water from your tap because warm and hot water contain higher levels of lead.


  1. Bryan Cooper-Keeble says

    In modern built areas of greater Phoenix I believe that no lead pipes are in use, so lead poisoning should not be a problem for people there. Lead pipes may still be in use in much older built areas of the country. Running faucets for a long period is therefore not applicable
    for many newly built areas of the country.

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