Dr Oz: Earlobe Crease & Fatty Eyelids Are Health Clues & What Is Jing?


Dr Oz: Chi vs Jing

Dr. Oz talked with Lillian Pearl Baker and Dr. David A. Friedman about the Chinese medicine practice of face mapping. They explained what your face reveals about your health, including ways to tell if a woman is pregnant just by looking at her nose!

Dr Oz: Earlobe Crease Sign Of Heart Disease

Lillian Pearl Baker is a face reading expert and she said there are strong clues in our face that reveal the health of our internal organs, like a crease in a person’s earlobe. Have you ever looked closely at your earlobe? Lillian said if you have that crease it is pretty common, but it could also be a sign of variable blood pressure and a warning that you could be developing heart disease. Dr. David A. Friedman, who is a cardiologist, also uses Chinese medicine in his practice and he agrees with Lillian. He explained that if he sees that crease in the ear or a patient expresses to him that it is something they have never noticed before, he does get concerned because of its association with heart disease.


  1. Patricia says

    I had a head injury and was 108 lbs. then because of brain damage I lost weight and went down to 78 lbs. I am 5’2″ and was a stewardess. they put me on predozon for 8 years I bloomed to 250 lbs. I have many food allergies and no I weight 180 and I am still trying but failing to get more weight off I swim daily and do zumba. I never feel hunger and have short term memory so I wear rubber bands to tell me if I ate of not. I eat chichen only grilled, olive oil, some turkey and fish. I eat no eggs since I have allergies and have acid reflex due to th e balance and vomiting for years after the head injury. What can I do to get the weight off. Ican not drink milk or dairy. I am now going to be 65 in June and want to keep healthy. I live on three acres in Hawaii and do the yard work myself as well as keep active in other areas I went back to school and have three degrees BA in psychology, BA in anthropology and women’s Studies. and I made the commencement speech in May 2009 at UHH. Can you help me? I don’t eat any white breads or fried foods I think maybe I have an enbalance in my system and I don’t knw what to do. My brother said he can not eat wheat products so maybe I should be gluten free.

  2. fluffychenille says

    Patricia……I feel for you and your situation. However, I must tell you that Dr. Oz does not come to this forum and answer health questions. Other people may give you some advise but I would be hesitant considering all your allergies and health issues. You need to talk to a professional, perhaps a nutritionist, to help you find a way to lose the lbs you so want, or talk to your doctor and have some test run.

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