Dr Oz: Endometriosis Warning Signs & Dr Oz’s Pain Intensity Scale


Dr Oz: 3 Pains You Should Never Ignore

Would you know how to describe your pain? Dr. Oz says that this is the important factor when it comes to determining whether you have a pain to be concerned about or not. His pain scale can help you with figuring out the level of pain you are experiencing, so you can explain it to your doctor and get the help you need to feel better. Learn the endometriosis warning signs and more pain advice.

Dr Oz’s Pain Intensity Scale

Dr. Oz says that while some people have a very high tolerance for pain, others do not, so he has a scale to help you determine just how much pain you are experiencing and how severe it is, so you can get better relief. The pain scale ranges from having no pain to having the worst pain possible with numbers from 0-10 for you to score how you are feeling so your doctor can help with the best way to treat the pain you are having. Dr. Oz says while you should never ignore pain that really bad you should also never ignore mild pain because it can actually cause you to overreact to other causes of mild pain since your body is basically on alert to be in more pain.

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