Dr Oz: Exhaustion Saliva Test At Home & Yeast Overgrowth Symptoms

By on May 29, 2013

Dr Oz: What Causes Exhaustion?

Are you constantly feeling tired, exhausted or just plain run down as you try to get through everyday life? If so, you cannot afford to miss this episode of the Dr. Oz Show as he reveals the surprising hidden cause of your exhaustion along with advice to get your energy back!

Dr Oz: Exhaustion Saliva Test

Dr. Elizabeth Boham says if you are feeling exhausted, but are not sure why, you need to do an important self-test to help figure out why you are so tired all the time. All you need is a glass of water and your own saliva. Dr. Boham says your saliva should sit on top of the water, but if it begins to settle at the bottom of the glass or starts to “spider” down into the water it could be a sign of yeast overgrowth.

Dr Oz: Exhaustion Saliva Test At Home & Yeast Overgrowth Symptoms

Dr Oz and Dr Elizabeth Boham shared a saliva test that determines whether a yeast overgrowth might be the cause of your exhaustion.

Do the test first thing in the morning within 30 minutes of waking up.

  • Spit your saliva into a small glass of water.
  • Allow to sit for 15 minutes.

Dr Oz: Yeast Exhaustion Connection

Dr. Elizabeth Boham says that yeast is very normal in the body, but if you have too much it causes your body to begin fighting off an infection, which is a lot of work and can lead to a person feeling exhausted. She says yeast overgrowth can also cause inflammation in the body and some people are even allergic to the yeast.

Dr Oz: What Causes Yeast Overgrowth?

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Boham to explain what causes yeast overgrowth in the body and she began by saying the overuse of antibiotics is a big part of the problem. This causes the good bacteria in your body to be killed off, which allows the yeast to overgrow.

Another big cause of yeast overgrowth is a poor diet that is high in carbs, sugar, soda and alcohol.

Dr Oz: Yeast Overgrowth Symptoms

Dr. Oz says you have to know what to look for in order to understand if your exhaustion is due to yeast overgrowth because he says regardless of how busy your life gets, it is not normal to feel tired all the time.

Dr. Elizabeth Boham shared the most common symptoms to look out for if you think yeast could be causing your fatigue. She says if you have had two of more of these symptoms in the last few months you should seriously consider yeast as the reason for your exhaustion.

  • Recurrent yeast infections
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Irritable bowel
  • Itchy ears, skin, anus
  • Bloating

Dr. Boham says yeast overgrowth is not life-threatening, but it is more common than many people realize and often goes undiagnosed because most doctors are not trained in what to look for in patients. She went to say that even when doctors are able to diagnose yeast overgrowth they often do not know how to treat it because it deals with using food as medicine, rather than drugs.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Exhaustion Saliva Test At Home & Yeast Overgrowth Symptoms

  1. I’ve read that you can take too much of a probiotic and if that occurs it could cause some of the symptons that you are trying to avoid like diarrhea ,gas and bloating. Is this true?



  3. Nancy Mullins says:

    I did the test and my saliva strung quick and all dropped to the bottom of glass just that quick. Now I am worried, so what are the natural foods for remedy? My medical conditions are Heart valve and copd and would like to treat more homopathicaly.

  4. Patricia Angle says:

    Both my husband and I had moderate to severe sediment at the bottom of our glasses after following Dr. Bonham’s sputnum test. Our largest and most severe problem is in regard to breakfasts. We eat and shop at our neighborhood natural-health food stores. We cannot afford organic food at every meal, but we try. At our health food stores, we use the bin cereals (not organic), and we’ve relied on these whole-grained cereals for years and eat them three breakfasts/week.

    Two breakfasts/week, we eat an egg, two turkey sausage links (no nitrates and nitrates), whole-grained toast (I am allergic to wheat, so I’ve made the appropriate substitutes). I am allergic to eggs, both the yolk and the whites, so I eat them sparingly; whereas, my husband has heart disease (six stents), so I limit his eggs two/week.

    Would whole fruit be advisable for us for alternate breakfasts? I am pre-diabetic; he is not. I love hot oatmeal and brown rice cereals, so I’ll eat that, but he hates hot cereals.

    OK; they say that writing about one’s concerns helps to put them into focus and perspective, so I think that I have a plan. I am more than willing to follow Dr. Bonham’s diet, but my husband will go “kicking and screaming”; please advise.

  5. WTF? How do you read the results of the test? What happens after you spit into the glass of water? or is the test whether or not you can even spit?

  6. Hi…Did the spit test and I had a glob and tendrils…After probiotics and Diflucan perscibed by my doctor my spit has complete changed. It is now little spit bubbles on top of the water. Does this mean my yeast is now under control?

  7. If you go online and look up yeast free diet, there is a diet you can follow the will give you a list of foods to eat for 2 weeks. Follow and only eat the foods on the list and you will feel great.
    yeast overgrowth means you need to cut sugar that feeds the yeast and so does cheese.
    make a shake for breakfast. greek yogurt, almond milk, plant based protein powder, flaxseed,
    berries and ice. enjoy
    If you can’t eat eggs, have yogurt or quinoa.
    eat only artrichokes asparagus,broccoli celery endive green beans lettuce spinach zucchini peppers tomatoes,,,,sardines turkey, chicken, halibut, salmon, sardines olive oil basil cinnamon, tumeric,paprika, oregano thyme,ginger
    eat only these thing for 2 weeks it works!!!
    no bread cereal rice cheese baked goods high sugar fruit pastas
    good luck

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    After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I
    hope you write once more soon!

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