Dr Oz: Filling Unnecessary Prescriptions & Brand Name vs Generic Drugs


Dr Oz: Generic Drugs as Effective as Name Brands

Now that you know the biggest rip-offs to avoid at your grocery store, Dr. Oz and Suzy Cohen, Pharmacist, have a few more rip-offs you need to be aware of at the pharmacy, like filling unnecessary prescriptions. They will save you time and money the next time someone in your family travels or has the cold or flu.

Dr Oz: Pharmacy Health Rip-Offs

Suzy Cohen, a Pharmacist, says that our body is what gets ripped off the most at the pharmacy. Our body is being ripped of vitamins and minerals because of the medications that we take. Not only are we losing a lot of vitamins and minerals at the pharmacy, but we are losing a lot of money.

Dr Oz: Cold and Flu Aisle Rip-Off

Suzy Cohen says that multi-symptom products are the biggest rip-offs for customers in the cold and flu aisle of the pharmacy, often costing a lot more money for ingredients you do not even need for your problem.


  1. Ana Moura says

    Dr Oz, I am permanently with high respiratory infection, to the level of the glottis, due to the
    rhinitis.Because of that, I lost the sense of smell and taste,that appears,again,for 2 weeks,
    when, dire need, I have to take cortisone. I am 55 years old, and it started with bronchial
    asthma, at age 13. After seven years without asthma, it appeared to me, in the form of rhinitis. For long time, I was treated with nebulized Pulmicort and cromolym sodium inhalation,what
    really, made me well; unfortunately the cromolym was discontinued.
    How can I stop this vicious cycle. Help me, please !

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