Dr Oz: Flu Shot vs Flu Spray & How Long Does the Flu Last?


Dr Oz: How Do I Catch the Flu?

Dr. Oz says we are officially into flu season and this year about 60 million people will get sick, so he wants to help you prepare! Today is the day to get your biggest flu questions answered and Dr. Oz started with the one he gets asked most, how do I catch the flu? He says it can all start with a simple sneeze, which spreads thousands of particles into that air at 100 miles per hour! Those particles enter your body however they can, like through your eyes, nose or into your mouth and then find a place to settle and infect you. Dr. Oz added you could also touch something, like a door handle, that a person has sneezed on and catch a virus because it can live on that surface for 8 hours.

Dr Oz: How Long Does the Flu Last?

The next biggest question people asked regarding the flu was how long it is contagious. This is especially a concern for those parents who have small children who go to a childcare or school setting and are not sure how long to keep them home when they are sick. Dr. Oz explained how an infections progresses day-by-day.

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