Dr Oz: Flu Shots Containing Mercury? History of Thimerosal Vaccines


Dr Oz: Flu Shots Containing Mercury

Dr Oz courted controversy with his guests as they discussed a new book. Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak is the title, and his guests wondered why the US government allows Mercury to be added to our flu shots.

Mercury is a toxin found in Thimerosal, a medicine in your flu shots. Dr Mark Hyman and Dr Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the book’s authors, were on the show. Vaccines have often been a hot topic, and Dr Oz started off by asking for an opinion from the guests about vaccines in general.

Dr Oz: Should We Get Vaccines?

Dr Kennedy said that he and his co-author are “fiercely pro-vaccine,” and that he vaccinates his own children, believing that they save lives. “Everybody got to get their vaccines,” he added.

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