Dr Oz: Flu Vaccine 62% Effective & Dr Oz’s Flu Shot Recommendation


Dr Oz: Boost Immune System To Prevent Flu

We are in the middle of a health emergency with hospital emergency rooms overflowing with patients and the biggest flu outbreak in a decade. Dr. Oz is concerned and today he was addressing your biggest questions about flu season and keeping your family healthy.

Dr Oz: Getting Sick After a Flu Shot

With news of flu outbreaks in cities all across the country, Dr. Oz decided to visit the emergency department of the hospital where he practices medicine in New York and what he saw shocked him. There were so many patients that the hospital’s lobby had to be turned into makeshift exam rooms in order to provide care for those who needed to be seen. One patient even believed he had done everything right in order to stay healthy, including getting a flu shot, but he still wound up extremely ill.

Dr Oz: Flu Vaccine 62% Effective

Does the flu vaccine even work? Is it worth it for you to get one? Dr. Oz assembled a panel of experts with varying opinions to discuss this important topic and help you decide what is best for you and your family.

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