Dr Oz: Flu Warning Signs, H1N1, & Flu Shot vs Nasal Spray


Dr Oz: Flu Shot vs Nasal Spray

Dr. Oz has a health warning about the H1N1 virus that everyone needs to hear! It was responsible for a global pandemic in 2009 and is back and causing a rise a in flu-related deaths, especially in those who are young and otherwise healthy. Could you be at risk for the killer flu?

Dr Oz: Flu Warning Signs

Dr. Oz says this has been a devastating flu season, especially for younger people who seem to be left vulnerable to the H1N1 virus. Dr. Neal Flomenbaum, Chief of Emergency Medicine at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, says the reason for this is because they are an age group that has never bothered to get the flu vaccine before, which leaves them susceptible to a major flu epidemic.



  1. CyberRogue says

    Except for the fact that the h1n1 vaccine contains numerous immonitoxins, neurotoxins, and carcinogens, which could make you worse than before. But, yah know, screw your life if you want! (It’s also banned in multiple countries and even the manufacturers of the vaccine refuse to take it).

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