Dr Oz: Fruits, Beans, Seeds & Grains Bad For Us? Lectin Warning


Dr Oz: Health Foods Making Us Sick

Dr Oz introduced a doctor who claims that the root of your weight and digestive problems are fruits, legumes, and whole grains, the exact foods Dr Oz tells his viewers to eat every day. It’s the latest controversy shaking up the world of nutrition. He welcomed heart surgeon Dr Steven Gundry who he’s known his entire career.

Dr Oz: Killer Fruit? Is Fruit Bad For You?

Dr Oz began by asking Dr Gundry his opinion about apples, the one food we’ve been told to eat every day to keep the doctor away. Dr Gundry said “this is killer fruit.” Dr Oz then pointed out that there are certain fruits that seem to “protect themselves” from us. Pineapples have spikes, artichokes have spiky leaves, and coconuts have hard shells.

Dr Gundry explained that plants have evolved to protect themselves. But there’s a number of plants that don’t have those mechanisms visible to the eye. Dr Gundry argued that still, those other plants can protect themselves because they do not want to be eaten.


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