Dr. Oz: What Happens in the Brain During Past Life Regression?


Dr. Oz: Cherry Blossom Experiment

Dr. Oz has been talking about past lives on his show. Now, he turned to neuro-psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, who said that evidence shows generational memories are real.

He talked about an experiment where mice were made afraid of the scent of cherry blossoms. Every time the mice smelled the scent of cherry blossoms, they shocked them. After that, they were scared of cherry blossoms, even without a shock. Their children were also afraid of cherry blossoms, even though they had never been shocked. Even their grandchildren were afraid of the scent of cherry blossoms.



  1. Dr. Mary Ann O'Grady says

    Dr. Oz,
    I was fortunate to have been able to watch your program today on PLR with Dr. Amen which interested me greatly since I have had a private practice where I have conducted PLR on a regular basis with some very interesting results. I was delighted to see that this topic has been brought into public awareness, and that Dr. Amen is conducting scientifically-based research which [hopefully] will increase the credibility and validity of PLR.
    Dr. O’Grady

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