Dr. Oz: What Happens When You Grind Your Teeth? Dental Health Tips


Dr. Oz: Grinding Teeth

Dr. Oz had a health confession for us on his show: he grinds his teeth at night. He even wears a night guard. If you awake with headaches, pounding in your teeth, or pain in your jaw, you might be grinding your teeth, too.

Dr. Oz: What Happens When You Grind Your Teeth? Dental Health Tips

Do you grind your teeth at night? Don’t worry! Dr. Oz has plenty of tips and tricks for you to prevent damaging your teeth. (Polina Nefidova / Shutterstock.com)


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    Yes, pounding in our tooth, heavy headaches and often a jaw pain are big attributions of grinding teeth; it is something that you won’t have control over; so disturbing. Teeth cracks, sort of tooth decay forms, often triggering worsening dental issues; contaminating furthermore! Sorts of exercises like holding off the mouth firmly with hands, resisting a jaw while opening it and much more – may sooth this painful situation; eliminating chances of your teeth grinding.

    Going to bed with positive (stable) thoughts will also help you with less or nil teeth grinding; great to go with!

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