Dr. Oz: Could You Have a Heart Attack and Not Know It? Risk Factors


Dr. Oz: Could You Have a Heart Attack and Not Know It?

Dr. Oz talked about how almost one third of heart attacks have symptoms that go unrecognized by the person having the attack. It’s called a silent heart attack.

The coronary arteries bring life to the heart by bringing oxygen and blood to the tissues of the heart. But over time, when a blockage builds up, the oxygen and blood can’t get to the tissue. Normally, this bruises the heart and causes a heart attack. You feel like an elephant is sitting on you and the pain radiates to the neck and left shoulder.



  1. Gilles says

    I had a heart attack, no idea when but I went to an unrelated program (weight-loss) and they sent me for a full heart work-up. They discovered that I had two 99.9% blockage in two arteries (both anterior). When I was undergoing yearly cystoscopies, they would make me go and take an ECG, all it would show was a anomaly in the right branch bundle… WOW I was so surprised when I was asked “have you ever been told you had a heart attack?” and they gave me something for the angina… I thought, up to that point that my shortness of breath was due to my being obese… Thank you

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