Dr. Oz: Heart Attack Vs. Anxiety Attack & Stabbing Pain or Pressure


Dr. Oz: Heart Attack Vs. Anxiety Attack

Dr. Oz talked about how to tell the difference between a heart attack and an anxiety attack. The symptoms may feel the same, but they’re very different.

Dr. Oz showed a video of a woman explaining she had a pain in the middle of her chest, which felt like someone was stabbing her. It came on all of a sudden, but started to fade after five minutes.



  1. ursula drasdo says

    For a few years after G.F.S Glomerulone kidney disease, Now kidney function normal. High Blood Pressure, and getting chest pressure pains. I am 77. The condition being managed by medications.However these have to keep being upped. Now my G.P seems to think I shall keep having problems if I don’t have a Stent operation. I am trying to eat well and keep my strength up. Can you suggest anything I can do to avoid this operation . Any advice will be much appreciated. Regards Ursula

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