Dr. Oz: What is a Heart Pump? Man Turns Down Doctor’s Medical Advice


Dr. Oz: Man Turns Down Medical Advice

Today on the show, Dr. Oz shared video footage of him helping a patient in the hospital who didn’t want his help. The patient refused medical treatment and Dr. Oz’s advice. The patient was named Paul and he’d come into the ER three weeks ago after having a heart attack. Paul’s wife Marlene said that at first, Paul was developing chest pains. But he kept saying it wasn’t that bad and it would go away. But when they went to the hospital, doctors said Paul’s heart was clogged.

Dr. Oz: Man Refuses Modern Medicine

Dr. Oz: What is a Heart Pump? Man Turns Down Doctor's Medical Advice

Dr. Oz talked about a patient who refused medical advice and decided not to get a heart pump, which put his life in jeopardy. (S_L / Shutterstock.com)


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