Dr Oz HGH: Natural Human Growth Hormone from Amino Acids for Energy


Dr Oz Super Power Hour Energy Plan

Dr. Oz is continuing with his Super Power Hour to help you recharge your energy in just 5 days. He has already laid out the plan for the first four days with recommending you add Papaya juice, Brazil Nuts, Astragalus, and Brewer’s Yeast to your diet, but what if there was also a way to instantly gain the energy of someone 20 years younger? Doctor Oz says there just may be a way.

Doctor Oz: What is HGH?

Dr Oz HGH: Natural Human Growth Hormone

Leslie Bonci says that the first hour of sleep is when you produce the most growth hormone, but getting 8 hours is imperative.


  1. shamema says

    what is the name of the suplement for the Amino acids has 4 letter for goal , Glycine, ornithine, Arginie, Lysine. I’m lost . Just can find the name .

  2. says

    After getting blood tests that indicated lower than ideal levels of Growth Hormone I’ve been working to improve it. I do high intensity interval training (running) followed by no sugar or carb consumption for at least 30 minutes (high blood sugar shuts down GH release immediately), cold processed whey protein, and oral GH factor precursors. Getting good results so far and blood levels are back to optimal levels.

  3. Barbara says

    What dosage of the Amino Acids Combo (GOAL) should be taken and how many times a day. And on an empty stomach of not.

    Thank you

  4. says

    I have been looking for months for the amino acid supplement dr oz was recommending. I have been taking serovital but they are 70.oo. does anyone know the ones he was referring to.

  5. Elaine says

    I have been looking for Dr Oz’s GOAL amino acids, is there a source for this product to purchase? What is the dose of each amino acid?

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