Dr Oz: High Blood Pressure & Risk of Stroke vs Heart Attack


Dr Oz: Bananas Lower Blood Pressure

Dr. Oz shared the emotional story of a woman whose life was saved after attending one of his free 15-minute physical clinics in Kansas City. The biggest lifesaving hour in Dr. Oz history also included the guidelines you should follow regarding colonoscopy screenings.

Dr Oz: Blood Pressure Danger Signs

Filled with fear and emotion, a woman named Lorry, who is 46 years old and uninsured, shared her story of worrying about her risk for heart disease. She told Dr. Oz that both of her grandparents died from heart disease and her Mom has had a heart attack, so she knows that she is at higher risk and through tears she expressed hope to Dr. Oz that he could help her during her visit to one of his 15-Minute free physical clinics.

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