Dr Oz: Home Remedy For Nasal Congestion & Tips To Boost Your Memory

By on May 2, 2013

Dr Oz: Home Remedy For Nasal Congestion

Dr. Oz likes to brag he has the smartest audience in TV and today he is proving it by sharing some of the best advice he has received from his fans via Facebook and Twitter.

Memory booster: When you need to remember something, like a list, visualize grabbing the word from the air and holding it in your palm. It might sound crazy, but it works. Dr. Oz says there is actually scientific evidence to support this because squeezing your right hand for 90 seconds will send a message to the left side of your brain to store the memory. When you want to retrieve the memory you squeeze your left hand, which will send the message to the right side of your brain to remember it.

Keep a medical 411 sheet with you at all times: Dr. Oz loves this idea so he and his team created one for you to download and fill out to carry with you at all times. It contains important information about your health, your medical conditions and any medications so in an emergency those around you can help even if you are not able to communicate your needs to them.

Create make-ahead spice blends: A Dr. Oz viewer realized she had a spice rack filled with jars that she was never using, so she decided to create several spice rubs to have on hand as a way to add flavor and health benefits to every meal.

Dr Oz: Home Remedy For Nasal Congestion & Tips To Boost Your Memory

Dr Oz shared the best health advice given by moms, including one from his own mom to relieve nasal congestion by sitting over a bowl of warm steam.

Dr Oz: Karen’s Sweet Spice Blend

  • 4 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons ginger
  • 1/2 teaspoon clove
  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

Combine and store in a jar or sealable plastic bag!

Mom’s Best Health Advice

Dr. Oz says some of the best health advice comes from our moms, so he shared some his favorite mom-wisdom sent to him by viewers.

Chamomile Tea With Peppermint: Eases indigestion and calms an upset stomach.

Acupressure Massage: Relieve stress by placing your three middle fingers at the top of your nose where it meets your forehead and hold it there for a minute or two.

Breathe In Warm Steam: This is a remedy from Dr. Oz’s own mom who joined him via Skype, all the way from Turkey, to explain how it can relieve nasal congestion. She says the key is to sit over the steam with a towel over your head so you can get the most benefit as you inhale the steam.

The Worst Health Advice You Have Ever Gotten

Dr. Oz did a nationwide poll and found that 39% of the people who responded say the worst health advice they have gotten came from family and friends. What is worse is that 55% of them say they actually tried the advice. Dr. Oz has advice to fix the worst advice you have every received.

  • Better alternative to chocolate covered garlic: Dr. Oz says to try eating two Brazil nuts per day along with one ounce of dark chocolate to boost your mood.
  • Instead of taping a golf ball to the back of your pajamas, like one woman told her husband to do to stop snoring, Dr. Oz recommends using a body pillow to sleep comfortably on your side with your body propped up. You simply will not snore if you sleep on your side!

Dr Oz: Doctors Say the Darndest Things

“Oh please, I have socks that are older than you.” – Said by an OBGYN to a patient concerned about her age and trying to get pregnant.

“There are no refunds or exchanges.” – Said by a woman’s doctor after her baby was born and she was complaining of being tired, exhausted and struggling with breast feeding.

A woman went to her doctor asking for a prescription because her fingers and toes were turning blue from being so cold. His prescription was “Move to Florida.”

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