Dr. Oz: How to Avoid Lyme Disease & Avril Lavigne Health Struggle


Dr. Oz: Avril Lavigne Lyme Disease

Dr. Oz talked on his show today about Lyme disease. The CDC has increased their estimate of annual cases tenfold. Now, musician Avril Lavigne is opening up in People magazine about her own struggle with Lyme disease.

Dr. Oz talked to Mary Margaret, senior editor for People magazine. She said that fans were wondering why Avril Lavigne was out of the spotlight for so long. Fans worried she might be in rehab or that her marriage was on the rocks. The truth was that she was very sick with Lyme disease.



  1. carleton fisher says

    Have been diagnosed with lyme disease twice in the last two summers. while all the usual symptoms are gone, I am now experiencing severe arthritis in both knees…any possible connection???

  2. CJ says

    For years, even before getting Lyme and Co-infections, I never cared for Dr. Oz, but this time
    I was going to put that on the sidelines due to the much needed awareness of this Epidemic.
    However….Dr. Oz like Most all ignorant ten minute(over half hour in the waiting room and a
    fast ten minute Doc to tell you take an aspirin)Doctors failed to get ALL the FACTS and TRUTH
    to the MILLIONS of new Victims that WILL be infected EACH YEAR! That said, you NEED to get the \What
    is Lyme Disease\ facts corrected. among a few other statements you made in other areas.
    Yes we need to Thank Avril and Yolanda for coming forward showing the horseblinder public we
    have a serious problem here, a serious Epidemic….We need Avril, Yolanda, Millions of Victims,
    Doctors who are true Lyme Literate and follow the Doctors Oath…we need all current facts told…
    Corrupt Guidelines of treatment and tests corrected…Insurance to do their job and cover the disease(s).

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