Dr. Oz: How to Beat Credit Card Debt & Don’t Charge Small Purchases


Dr. Oz: Allow Small Financial Indulgences

Dr. Oz has been talking to Sandy, who has an incredible amount of credit card debt. He introduced her to financial expert Nicole Lapin, who had a plan to help her reduce her debt.

Nicole Lapin explained that a financial diet is like a regular diet. If you allow yourself small indulgences, you won’t feel the need to binge later on. She said some experts will tell you not to buy the morning latte. But she says you should buy the morning latte, because this is about creating a sustainable plan for yourself.

Dr. Oz: Don’t Charge for Small Stuff

Dr. Oz: How to Beat Credit Card Debt & Don't Charge Small Purchases

Dr. Oz talked to expert Nicole Lapin about how to lower credit card debt by not using it for small purchases, saving fun money, and prioritizing bills. (dno1967b / flickr)


  1. Anne says


    The example of the $10 pair of socks. What math are you using? Even at 30% interest compounding monthly you only get to $13.45….how the heck do you get to $333.07? What planet are you on?


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