Dr Oz: How To Reduce Mercury Exposure & Should You Remove Fillings?

By on March 28, 2013

Dr Oz: Does Coffee Increase Your Risk For Mercury Exposure from Silver Fillings?

Are your silver fillings making you sick? Dr. Oz and his guests revealed the surprising truth about those mercury fillings that have been in your mouth since you were a kid. They shared the mercury exposure symptoms to look out for so you can protect yourself and your family.

Dr Oz: Does Mercury Exposure Cause Memory Loss?

Dr. Oz introduced his audience to a woman who believed she was suffering from mercury exposure due the 15 amalgam fillings that had been in her mouth since she was a child. She says she experienced tremors and memory loss and a urine test showed she had high levels of mercury in her system. She then had all of the mercury fillings removed and says some of her symptoms went away immediately while others took longer to dissipate. She told Dr. Oz she feels she made the right decision to have them removed from her mouth.

Dr Oz: Should You Have Your Mercury Fillings Removed?

Dr. Jonathan Levine says before you rush to have all of the mercury fillings removed from your mouth, you need to have a conversation with your dentist. He explained if you have decay under the filling or there is another problem structurally with your filling then you should definitely have it removed and replaced with a safer alternative. Dr. Gerald Curatola warned that you also need to realize you will be exposed to the mercury during the removal process, so that is something to also keep in mind when you consider having them taken out. Dr. Curatola shared a few guidelines to help you decide if having your amalgam fillings removed is right for you. All of them increase the amount of mercury vapors being released into your body.

Dr Oz: How To Reduce Mercury Exposure & Should You Remove Fillings?

Dr Gerald Curotola says you can reduce your risk for mercury exposure by drinking coffee and soda from a straw.

  • You have eight or more fillings
  • You grind your teeth
  • You eat acidic foods regularly
  • You drink soda regularly
  • Your fillings show signs or erosion or decay

Dr Oz: Alternatives To Silver Fillings

Dr. Jonathan Levine explained that composite materials are a much better and safer alternative to silver fillings because they bind the tooth and make it stronger, unlike silver fillings that actually put stress on the tooth. He says another safe alternative to silver fillings is porcelain, which is naturally colored and works to pull the tooth together rather than push it apart like a silver filling does. These options are much more expensive than silver fillings, which is probably the biggest reason so many dentists are still using amalgam fillings to treat their patients who have cavities.

Dr Oz: Prevent Mercury Exposure

Dr. Oz and Dr. Gerald Curatola shared some tips to help you reduce your risk for mercury exposure from the silver fillings that are in your teeth. Dr. Curatola says there are some simple things you can do to reduce or even eliminate your risk from the vapor that comes off the fillings.

Avoid Acidic Foods – Tomatoes, grapefruit, vinegars and coffee. Using a straw to sip your coffee (or your soda) will reduce your exposure to the mercury vapors.

Eat Garlic & Cilantro – Dr. Curatola says garlic helps to eliminate mercury through the kidneys and cilantro purifies your body and binds to heavy metals to reduce their toxicity.

Take a Chlorella Supplement – Dr. Curatola says chlorella is a freshwater algae that is one of the richest sources of chlorophyll and eliminates mercury through the intestines. Cost is about $20 at a health food store.

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