Dr Oz: Iron Deficiency Fatigue Symptoms, Ferritin Levels & Tampon Test


Dr Oz: Why Am I Exhausted?

Do you feel run down, out of fuel, and buried under the rut of your daily routine? Dr Oz said the answer to solving your complaints about Fatigue is the #1 nutritional deficiency: low iron.

Symptoms like exhaustion and even hair loss can be associated with an Iron Deficiency problem, but you can turn it around by getting more Iron in your diet. Dr Oz rounded up some Iron experts to explain why this nutrient is such a problem in women’s lives.

Dr Oz: Iron Deficient Vs Anemic

Dr Donnica Moore explained that Iron helps our body manufacture Hemoglobin, which moves oxygen through the body in red blood cells. Anemia is also affected by Iron, but it’s a separate issue. “You can start being symptomatic before you’re anemic,” she said, comparing it to using the wrong type of gasoline in a car.


  1. shamema says

    I have havet bliding after i gaive birth to my son and i fill all the simtoms but my dr never mention it to me . How we going to know if your dr dosent mention it to us?

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