Dr Oz & Karl Romain Tai Chi Moves: Repulse The Monkey & Yin Yang

By on July 15, 2013

Dr Oz: Boost Your Immune System with Tai Chi

You might be surprised to learn that the practice of Tai Chi can help boost your body’s power to fight and prevent disease in many ways. Karl Romain, a Tai Chi instructor, explained the health benefits to Dr. Oz.

  • The Tai Chi moves themselves help to stimulate and move your internal organs and improve the health of the endoctrinal system in your body, for example your adrenal glands.
  • Tai Chi is wonderful for stress reduction.
  • People who practice Tai Chi tend to be more optimistic and confident. Those types of people also live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Dr Oz & Karl Romain Tai Chi Moves: Repulse The Monkey & Yin Yang

Tai Chi instructor Karl Romain explained the health benefits of Tai Chi as he demonstrated 3 simple moves you can do every day to boost your immune system!

Dr. Oz says that the theory of Tai Chi improving your health is a great one, but he says there is also scientific evidence to support it. A study showed that those who learned and practiced Tai Chi on a regular basis had almost twice the immunity of those who did not.

Dr Oz: Learn How to Do Tai Chi

Karl Romain says to get the health benefits from Tai Chi you really only need to do it a few times a week for 10 minutes each session, which makes it a really easy way to naturally boost your immune system. He demonstrated a few moves with some members of Dr. Oz’s audience.

Dr Oz Tai Chi Moves with Karl Romain

Balancing Yin and Yang – As you slide your left leg toward your right leg, slowly lift your left leg and right hand at the same time. Shift your weight and do the same with your other leg and hand. Karl says this move takes a bit of coordination, so focus your eyes on one object to help keep your balance.

Wave Hands Like Cloud – Karl Romain says this move is one that gets your internal organs moving while helping to soothe and calm you as you focus on inhaling and exhaling through the move. Slowly turn from side to side as you raise one arm up and circle it over your head.

Repulse the Monkey – Stand with one arm extended in front of you, palm facing up. Stretch the opposite behind you and bring that hand up and extend it forward, in a swimming motion, as you bring the first hand back to your side. Do the same with the opposite arm. Repeat slowly, over and over, as if you are swimming with your arms in the air. Karl says this move is good for moving lymphatic fluid throughout the body, which is essential to removing toxins from the body.

Spend just 10 minutes every morning doing these three Tai Chi moves to strengthen your immune system and feel better every day.

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