Dr Oz & Karl Romain Tai Chi Moves: Repulse The Monkey & Yin Yang


Dr Oz: Boost Your Immune System with Tai Chi

You might be surprised to learn that the practice of Tai Chi can help boost your body’s power to fight and prevent disease in many ways. Karl Romain, a Tai Chi instructor, explained the health benefits to Dr. Oz.

  • The Tai Chi moves themselves help to stimulate and move your internal organs and improve the health of the endoctrinal system in your body, for example your adrenal glands.
  • Tai Chi is wonderful for stress reduction.
  • People who practice Tai Chi tend to be more optimistic and confident. Those types of people also live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Dr Oz & Karl Romain Tai Chi Moves: Repulse The Monkey & Yin Yang

Tai Chi instructor Karl Romain explained the health benefits of Tai Chi as he demonstrated 3 simple moves you can do every day to boost your immune system!

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