Dr Oz: Kick Sugar Addiction + Rewire Brain & Healthier Options


Dr Oz: Addicted To Sugar

If you’re constantly reaching for a sweet treat, you’re certainly not alone! Elisa shared her sweet tooth struggles with Dr Oz, saying that ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and milkshakes are her favorite. Sweets always kept her going as a busy mom, and she even starts her day with ice cream and added candy. She carries chocolate and cookies with her in her purse and will sip on packets of honey while she’s at work. Her afternoon snack is a milkshake and after dinner she has more ice cream and candy.

In the last six years, she’s gained 60 pounds, so she’s tried to go a day without sweets, but felt nausease, drained, and depressed. She recognized that she was suffering from an addiction and needed help.

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