Dr Oz: Reset Your Liver & Eat Greens, Drink Coffee For Healthy Liver


Dr Oz: Reset The Clock On Your Liver

Have you recently overindulged because you were unable to say no to a donut, a piece of cake, a few extra glasses of wine? Don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone. Fortunately, it’s not too late to erase the errors of your youth. Fortunately, you can turn back time. Kisha joined Dr Oz and admitted her biggest weaknesses are pizza, cake, donuts, ice cream, and so much more!

Kisha admitted that she wishes she ate more fruit instead, but was thrilled to hear it wasn’t too late. As Dr Oz explained, the liver is the organ that rebuilds itself best. That’s exactly why Dr Oz came up with a plan to help you turn back the clock on your liver.

Dr Oz: Eat Greens At Every Meal

The first step is to eat greens at every meal. Dr Oz demonstrated how the liver filters out all the junk so that only the good things get into your body. When you overload your liver with junk, it has to work really hard to take care of it. But if you eat a healthy diet, suddenly that junk is melted away and your body can start absorbing good nutrients.


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