Dr. Oz: Mariel Hemingway Out Came the Sun & Facing Your Fears


Dr. Oz: Mariel Hemingway Out Came the Sun

Dr. Oz talked to actress and author Mariel Hemingway, the granddaughter of the iconic American author Ernest Hemingway. Mariel has lived in fear most of her life of addiction, mental illness, and depression, because her famous family has had its share of suffering, with seven suicides in the family, from her sister to her famous grandfather.



  1. Anna Bernard says

    Mariel Hemmingway eloquently displays her family and personal progress to Dr. Oz. This is one of my favorite episodes for I personally struggle with mental health issues despite being told that I am incredibly gifted and talented. Those last few words are hard for me to swallow for I see the best in others rather than myself. I am working on building my own personal health and self esteem as well as constantly working on my parenting skills with a pre-teen at home. I dream of the day that I can find my calling or resume my work in public health.

    I am a big fan of Dr. Oz for I feel that he is amazing. He has a way of bringing the latest health issues to light in a way that touches the hearts of many. I also think that Mariel is amazing too for she has a way of talking about her own life experiences in order to help others. Thank you for sharing this episode with us.

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