Dr Oz: Matthew Reeve Spinal Cord Injuries & Epidural Stimulator Review


Dr. Oz: Christopher Reeve’s Son Finds Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries

Dr. Oz talked to Matthew Reeve, son of actor Christopher Reeve, who helped discover a huge breakthrough in the treatment of spinal cord injuries. He only wishes his dad was here to see it.

Dr. Oz: Three Paralyzed Men Regain Ability to Move

Dr. Oz also revealed the story of three men who were paralyzed from the neck down. One man was in his driveway, another was leaving the gym, and still another was out practicing, when they all had accidents that injured their spine. These accidents were very sudden and changed their lives forever.


  1. Tammy Ladner says

    Would love to know more of this new break through and how can my son
    try this new treatment! Im so excited maybe finally he can walk again
    hes paralized from the waist down .

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