Dr Oz: Medical Student Syndrome & ShareCare Symptom Tracker Review


Dr Oz: Check Your Symptoms

We have heard some of the most intimate and shocking symptoms on Dr Oz’s show. You never know what you’re going to learn about, and sometimes it’s dangerous to watch the show while you’re eating. But is Dr Oz leading people down the path to becoming hypochondriacs? Find out what he had to say about the ShareCare Symptom Tracker, Medical Student Syndrome and the four basic things you can do to control your health.


  1. Robin W says

    Woke up this morning and after a few hours my right eyelid was droopy. It was a noticeable difference from my left eyelied which is normal. I feel fine, don’t have any other symptoms.
    The only thing I see on this droopy eye is that on my bottom lashes i see a very small pimple like bump.

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