Dr Oz: Microwave To Zap Emotional Eating, Brown Rice + Sweet Potatoes


Dr Oz: Emotional Eating

Dr Oz introduced some Weight Loss Heroes to his audience, and his next story was about Jayme, an admitted Emotional Eater who weighed 304 pounds. She grew up heavy and found comfort early on by eating food. No matter what happened in her life, she would turn to food.

When her sister asked her to be Maid of Honor in her wedding, Jayme hit a breaking point. She was over 300 pounds and her fears and insecurities came to the surface. But she wanted to be there for her sister, so she committed to losing weight. She achieved her goal, shedding 160 pounds and getting into the best shape of her life.

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Journey

Dr Oz; Microwave To Zap Emotional Eating, Brown Rice + Sweet Potatoes

Dr Oz shared an inspiring story from a woman who was able to zap Emotional Eating by doing food prep and portion control once a week with her microwave. (Hong Vo / Shutterstock.com)


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