Dr. Oz: Mold Poisoning Dangers & Identifying Mold Sources in the Home


Dr. Oz: Mold Poisoning

Dr. Oz talked about the dangers of mold poisoning. He told the story of Jill, who moved into a home 20 years ago shortly before giving birth to her daughter Caitlyn. Both of them began having unexplained sickness.

Jill was having sinus problems and had two sinus surgeries while living there. But Caitlyn had it worse. She was very sick and would have fevers of 105 F. She would vomit for days. They couldn’t really figure out why. Jill had a son a few years later and he also had problems.



  1. Tina Dunham says

    Thank you so much for the awareness. Many like me have suffered from this. CIRS ..CFS .. Brain swelling.. Internal swelling .. headaches .. the list of symptoms are endless. The pain and misery relentless and the damage done permanent. Few will listen and most drs not educated in environmental toxicology. The treatment from nay say family/friends is painful. We, the mold suffering community seek understanding and awareness.. Thank You…

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