Dr. Oz: Mo’Nique 100-Pound Weight Loss & Was She Blacklisted?


Dr. Oz: Mo’Nique Weight Loss

Oscar winner Mo’Nique came by Dr. Oz to talk about losing 100 pounds and the recent Hollywood controversy. Mo’Nique said it took a lot of hard work for her to lose 100 pounds. She said it wasn’t a pill or a shake that helped her lose the weight. It was her determination.

It took five years, but she was able to do it. She started walking and really getting serious about her life. She said on her walks, she wondered how she allowed herself to get to where she was. She also wondered how far she wanted to go in life. It was the answers to those questions which drove her. She called those conversations “her church.” She said when she stops working out, her body complains and wonders why she’s not exercising.


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