Dr. Oz: Montel Williams Struggling with MS & Activz Smoothie


Dr. Oz: Montel Williams Struggling with MS

Montel Williams came by Dr. Oz to talk about his struggle with MS for the past 15 years. Dr. Oz began the segment showing a video Montel posted of himself snowboarding. 15 years ago, when he was diagnosed, he was told he’d be in a wheelchair in 4 years. Montel Williams is now almost 60 and he’s very active.



  1. Bonnie Baier says

    I am wanting to know the DR.’s name so that I may purchase the Dr.s book as my granddaughter has MS, Diabetes, Lupus and she falls a lot and if I could help her in some way I would like to do that as she is only 25 and has 2 children and husband to keep up with everything. So I would like to hear from you. I AM NOT SPAM BUT I CANT DO THAT I AM 80 YEARS OLD AND DON’T UNDERSTAND.
    Bonnie Baier

  2. says

    I’m so excited to see Dr. Doidge’s book and the techniques he describes helping Mr. Williams, Dr. Oz and many people in pain since my partner and I have dedicated our lives to developing neuroplasticity techniques and teaching patients to use them to overcome their pain for years. We hope this exposure will make these techniques available to millions of people suffering with pain.

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