Dr Oz: MRSA Prevention Tips & Who is at Risk for MRSA?


Dr Oz: What is MRSA?

Today Dr. Oz has a health warning you simply can’t ignore! The deadly “superbug” MRSA could be invading your home and the scariest part is that it is resistant to medication and gets stronger over time. Find out how you can protect yourself and your family from the new summer superbug that at is threatening you this season.

Dr Oz: What Causes MRSA?

Dr Oz: MRSA Prevention Tips & Who is at Risk for MRSA?

Dr Oz says MRSA is a deadly infection that could be invading your home, so it is important to clean and disinfect with bleach regularly. (Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com)



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    After three years of worry, anxiety, and mounting medical bills — not to mention being too humiliated to go out in public—I was finally able to enjoy a life free of aggressive MRSA outbreaks.

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