Dr Oz: Nanny Jo Frost Anaphylaxis, Auvi-Q Review & TLC’s Family S.O.S.


Dr Oz: Jo Frost Health Problems

Jo Frost make come off as the perfect nanny, with all the answers about childcare. But she is susceptible to health problems just like the rest of us. (Do nannies get sick days?) Jo Frost said she has “life-threatening allergies.” Check out Dr Oz’s Auvi-Q review.

Dr Oz: Jo Frost Allergies

Dr Oz: Nanny Jo Frost Anaphylaxis, Auvi-Q Review & TLC's Family S.O.S.

Dr Oz and Jo Frost from the new TLC series “Family S.O.S.” talked about the dangers of anaphylaxis and new treatment options like the Auvi-Q review.

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