Dr Oz: New FDA Sleeping Pill Guidelines & Zolpidem Review


Dr Oz: Zolpidem Sleep Medication

Dr. Oz has the frightening information you need to hear if you or someone you know is taking prescription medication to help you sleep at night. Could Your Sleeping Pills be Killing You? This Dr. Oz Alert is meant to give you a better understanding of the powerful sleeping pills you are taking, including the increased risk they pose for women!

Dr. Oz: Sleeping Pill Side Effects

Dr. Oz has some scary information that you need to hear about the prescription sleeping pills you are taking to help you rest at night. Audience members shared some frightening side effects they experience form taking sleeping pills. One said she woke up with burns on her hands, but had no recollection that she had actually cooked pasta in the middle of the night and another recalled finding empty bowls of ice by her bed in the morning, but again had no idea how they got there. While these stories might be embarrassing, Dr. Oz says they are lucky they were not severely injured, especially the guest who cooked without realizing she had even been in the kitchen, and he is very concerned that doctors are prescribing sleeping pills so often and so easily.

Dr Michael Breus: Sleeping Pill Patient Responsibility

Dr. Michael Breus, a sleep specialist, says that while doctors are definitely prescribing sleep medication too often, patients have to take responsibility. Dr. Breus says they need to educate themselves on the medication they are taking and truly understand the drug they are putting into their bodies. He does not feel we should eliminate sleeping pills altogether, but he firmly believes that we have to prescribe and take them more responsibly.

Dr Oz: Sleeping Pills Short-Term Fix

Dr Oz: New FDA Sleeping Pill Guidelines & Zolpidem Review

Dr Michael Breus says that while sleeping pills are beneficial in certain situations, they are only a short-term fix and should not be taken for more than 3 months!

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