Dr Oz: Normal Signs of Stress & Can Stress Be Good For You?


Dr Oz: Is Stress Normal?

Dr. Oz is having fun with this Viewers Takeover Show that is dedicated to giving you everything you want to see. He already shared the best way to blast belly fat and what your poop says about your health, but there is still much more to come!

Can Stress Be Good for You?

Dr Oz says stress can actually be good for you in some situations, like if you are being chased by a bear. This means your body’s “fight or flight” response is kicking in, which is important!

Dr Oz: Can Stress Be a Good Thing?

For the next fan choice for today’s Viewers Takeover Dr. Oz Show, you were asked which game you would like to see him play. Here were the choices:

  1. Oz Gets Slimed!
  2. Drench the Doc!
  3. Wac-a-mole!

Did you vote? Which one do you think Dr. Oz’s fans chose? Well the overwhelming response was for “Oz Gets Slimed”! because who does not want to see somebody get slimed? Dr. Oz decided to make a game of it to teach you some ways stress can be a good thing.

Dr Oz: Is Stress About Dental Work Good For You?

  1. Is it good to be stressed about visiting your doctor for a shot if you are afraid of needles? Stress in short bursts is actually good for you and can strengthen your immune system, according to Dr. Oz, so the answer to this one is “Yes”.
  2. Is it good to be awake most nights because you are stressed about the minor details of your only daughter’s wedding? Dr. Oz says this kind of stress is NOT good for you.
  3. Is it good to be stressed about dental work you need to have in a few days? This kind of stress is good because it is the brain’s way of preparing you for a challenging situation.
  4. If you are on a camping trip and suddenly find yourself being chased by a hungry bear, is this stress weirdly good for you? This is your body’s “fight or flight” response kicking in, which is definitely good for you.


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