Dr Oz: Normal Stomach Vs Binge Eating Stomach Damage

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Dr Oz: Normal Stomach Vs Binge Eating Stomach Damage

By on September 19, 2012

Dr Oz: Dying To Eat

Dr Oz met several different women who share the common problem of Binge Eating. After hearing their shocking stories of addiction, he wanted to give them some health information about their habits. Find out the truth about Binge Eating Stomach Damage that shocked the compulsive eaters on the show.

What happens to your body during a binge eating episode? You will be shocked and surprised by the information, which featured a warning from Dr Oz to kick your kids out of the room before watching. This sounds serious…and gross.

Dr Oz: Binge Eating Stomach Damage

Dr Oz and the Binge Eating women strapped on their purple gloves to look at a healthy stomach with a thin wall. The women got to feel this thin wall, which allows the stomach to expand after a large meal. But it’s easy to damage that delicate lining.

Dr Oz: Normal Stomach Vs Binge Eating Stomach Damage

Dr Oz showed his guests the effects of Binge Eating Stomach Damage, which can compress other organs & even become fatal; breaking the cycle.

Next, Dr Oz used a clear box to represent the stomach. Inside were pink and red balloons (like a clown would use to make animal shapes) representing the intestines. Dangling into the box from the top was a green sack representing the stomach.

He had Kelly and Camilla throw in a plate of donuts, along with some donuts. Mother and daughter bingers Mary and Stephanie were the last to add food to the stomach, which was bulging because of all the excess weight.

The effect was that the stomach crushed the intestines, also affecting organs like the Pancreas, which is needed for digesting all that excess food. This was not as drastic a demonstration as we had been promised. Just when I thought we were going to get off easy, Dr Oz came out with some X-rays.

Dr Oz: Normal Vs Binge Eating Stomach

First, he showed a scan image of a normal sized stomach in the body, which was pretty small compared to the organs around it. In another scan, the patient had been a binge eater. This stomach took up the entire width of the abdominal cavity, compressing other organs. The audience gasped at this horrifying photo.

But that wasn’t even the gross pictures! He shared an autopsy photo of a binge eater who started their binge at 9 p.m. and was dead by the morning because their stomach exploded. The person wasn’t even overweight, but binge eating actually killed the stomach and crushed the other organs, suffocating them in the process.

The Binge Eaters on the show were shocked and saddened by these dramatic images. They didn’t have much to say at first. Mary said she didn’t want that to happen to her or her daughter. Camilla admitted it was time to stop binge eating. Kelly was also ready to make a change.

Dr Oz: Eating Disorders – Geneen Roth

Eating disorder expert Geneen Roth, the author of Women, Food and God, joined Dr Oz to share her expertise on their situations. She said that she is a survivor of binge eating who once gained 80 pounds in just two months. She said it’s important to understand that the issue is the feelings, not the food.

Rather than focusing on the shame and weight gain that are consequences of Binge Eating, she said you need to get to the root of the feelings that are triggering binge eating to begin with.

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