Dr Oz Omega 3 Scams? Fish Oil Supplements Decrease Heart Disease By 9%


Dr Oz: Do You Really Need Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements

You’ve heard for years that Omega 3 supplements could help prevent stroke or heart conditions. But Dr Oz recently got word about new research saying this isn’t true after all.

“This study questioned every recommendation that I’ve been given,” he said. In clips from previous episodes, Dr Oz suggested Fish Oil as a top supplement multiple times over the years. But now, research warns that this won’t lower your risks of heart complications.

Cleveland Clinic: Are Omega 3’s a Waste of Money?

Dr Oz: Omega 3 Scams & Is Dr Oz Wrong About Fish Oil Supplements?

Are Omega 3 scams taking advantage of consumers without providing health benefits? Find out the truth about fish oil and omega 3 supplements, like that they can decrease your risk of heart disease by 9%.


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