Dr Oz: Oral B Power Brush Review & Pistachios Lower Blood Pressure


Dr Oz: Healthy Shortcuts

Now that Dr. Oz has shared some of the best shortcuts to relieve indigestion, treat gas, and end nausea, he has some more super shortcuts to help you with some of your everyday tasks and needs. Some of the solutions are so simply you will wonder why you have not been doing them before today. Dr Oz also shared an Oral B Power Brush review.

Dr Oz: Shortcut to Better Dental Hygiene

Dr Oz: Oral B Power Brush Review & Pistachios Lower Blood Pressure

Dr. Oz says the best way to help lower your blood pressure if you do not want to take medication is by eating pistachios 3 times per week.



  1. Elaine Plunkett says

    Hi Dr. OZ, I have a bad case of “Folliculitis” around the center of my head. I had to cut it all off because the doctor recommended that it was best for the treatment. I really miss my hair and feel really sad that my hair won’t grow back. I am an older African american woman, which means we generally use permanents for straightening the hair and hair color alot. I have stopped using the perms for almost a year now but occassional still do the light hair color because of my strong grays. I have also being to the dermatologist and was prescribed antibiotics and topical cream for the scalp, which helped the itching only.
    Please help me get some hair back. I hope you get this mail because I am really sadned by this and that you could give some advise on some form of help mechanism. Thank you. I looooooovvvvveeee your show.

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