Dr Oz: Pickle Juice Health Benefits & Does Honey Heal Wounds?

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Dr Oz: Pickle Juice Health Benefits & Does Honey Heal Wounds?

By on September 16, 2013

Dr Oz: Health Benefits of Honey

Dr. Oz sat down with the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty to talk about what keeps them together and strong as a family as well as the unusual foods they often eat for dinner, including squirrel and frog legs.

Dr Oz: Does Your Hair Keep Growing After You Die?

Pickle Juice Health Benefit

Dr Oz says pickle juice relieves muscle cramps, which is why it is often given to athletes!

Since Dr. Oz is a health show, he had to put America’s favorite hunting family to the test with a little shooting game called “Real or Quack Medicine”? Play along and see how you fare against Jase Robertson and Dr .Oz, at least at answering the questions, since you cannot be there to shoot with them.

Real or Quack: Muscadine berries help prevent heart disease? Jase got the answer correct when he guessed “real”, but his shot was a little off, which he blamed on the weapon provided to him by Dr. Oz.

Real or Quack: Phil married Miss K at the age of 18? Dr. Oz answered incorrectly when he thought one was true because they actually got married when they were 16!

Real or Quack: The human beard grows after death? This one is a “quack” statement because once you die everything stops growing. Jase’s aim was still off as he not only missed the shot when he answered, but he also guessed wrong as well.

Real or Quack: Uncle Si’s job is ‘Head of Shipping’? That one is totally “quack” since everyone knows Uncle Si does not have a job.

Real or Quack: Pickle juice relieves muscle cramps? Dr. Oz says this one is real and the benefits are so great it has led to pickle companies making pickle juice for athletes.

Real or Quack: Willie’s favorite television show is Seinfeld? Dr. Oz guessed “real” and got that one correct, even though he could not hit the target.

Real or Quack: Honey is a natural wound healer? Jase finally aimed well and hit the target as he answered that one correctly. Honey IS a natural healer.

Real or Quack: Phil gave up an NBA contract due to duck season? This one is a “quack” statement because he actually gave up an NFL contract, not NBA.

Dr Oz: What is Your Guilty Pleasure?

Dr. Oz’s favorite guilty pleasure is dark chocolate. What is yours?

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